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Mountain bike champion Michael Clyne reaps the rewards of personal training

Read Michaels review of his personal training experience with me.

I first considered a Personal trainer last year at the end of my first season racing 'Enduro' which is a form of mountainbike racing. I had trained extremely hard all year to secure my goal of "scottish champion" for my category. All the hard work paid off and I was champion, thus also securing a sponsorship from Bianchi bikes, to race and promote their new Enduro race bike the 'Ethanol FSE 27.1'

With my new sponsorship and going up a category it was time to maybe stop being so stubborn and only doing things my way, which is when I found Joe. With his Qualifications and the fact he was the only PT that I found who made claim to improving sporting performance as well as motivating people to being fitter and healthier. When Joe came round I found him to be full of enthusiasm, and felt assured the he felt confident that he could make an already high performing athlete become better still.

The first thing Joe did was to put me on a diet. Which I felt a bit put out at first as I already ate healthy and clean, but the difference was unbelievable!. I won't lie, the first week was very difficult as i struggled to adjust to a new eating pattern. Next was maintaining my diet and creating a bespoke training plan for me over the next few months before the race season started. Joe gave me a myriad of set pieces to train to. All revolving around highly effective training methods suitable for my specific requirements . The difference is that I now weigh 81kg, 8% body fat, and all my power outputs have increased, my endurance has skyrocketed and my recovery is so quick its like i've never reached physical failure in the first instance.........and the best part - I have Abs that I spent 20 years doing tens of thousand of situps for, that have only now appeared because of joe's diet..........and almost zero sit ups!!!!!!

Lets not be under any illusions here, Joe hasn't waived a magic wand, but he hasn't tortured me either, Joes method of physical transformation is purely down to eating a sustainable balanced diet, cutting out the crap and bad habits, and supplying a well thought out and enjoyable training plan. Joes skill is in figuring out whats best for you. I like to torture my self with all day training sessions that destroy me, that's just what I like. Joe has stopped that. He's forced me to look at things a different way thats more beneficial to me as an individual. Its a strange claim to make but I am fitter, stronger, and healthier now despite doing about 50% less training than I was doing last year. This is why Joe can help anyone, from a couch potato to a performing athlete, its because he listens and understand your position and wants his knowledge and skills to benefit you! the only thing you have to do is follow his advice.

Mike Clyne, currently sitting 2nd overall in the scottish enduro series 'masters' category!